Personal Skills for Project Managers

Personal Skills for Project Managers

Personal Skills for Project Managers puts project people in contact with their personal competencies to develop appropriate personal skills to manage project teams.

Projects are done by people. Most project managers have the hard skills of planning, scheduling, and controlling projects. But to be an effective project leader, you need the soft skills of good judgement, problem solving, empathy for human behavior, interpersonal understanding, and influencing and inspiring individuals to achieve exceptional project results.

About this course

Cadence Specific Focus Series

Audience: Project Managers, Team Members, Functional Managers
Duration: 1 Day
Class Size: 24 Participants Max
Prerequisites: None
Format: In-House or Public
PDUs 8

Personal Skills for Project Managers puts individuals in contact with their personal competencies, enabling the development of necessary human skills needed by project managers to effectively manage a project team. Through breakout workshops, participants discuss and present recommendations for solutions to real case histories. This workshop environment focuses on sharing and applying techniques that participants have proven in real-world applications around behavior, impact and influence, personal effectiveness, interpersonal understanding, project leadership, and the appropriate application of assertiveness and use of power in teams. You will learn from your peers and the seminar leader, and be able to immediately apply the tools and techniques to assist in leading project teams to success

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish when to use sound judgement to by-pass processes when making difficult decisions
  • Develop skills to manage project team member conflict while not having direct authority over them
  • Develop techniques for maintaining project focus under extreme pressure
  • Apply skills for leading project meetings amid conflicts, maintaining project focus instead of political focus
  • Apply multiple techniques for handling disgruntled team members
  • Use multiple problem solving techniques to keep your project running
  • Identify ways to create a physical and emotional environment to enable project team motivation
  • Develop leadership skills for influencing and gaining support from executive management
  • Substitute aggression with assertiveness
  • Develop techniques for inspiring peak performance through recognition